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You can decide your transactions based on our experts signals

Our Strategy

Getting maximum income over minimum number of transactions is our main principle.

Information Detail

Our signals are being send with ‘Take Profit’ and ‘Stop Loss’ levels via SMS and e-mails

Who do we work with?

We are a totally independent team! We are not related to any broker company.

It is possible to make Forex a really profitable Investment with our signals and Analysis applications! Please fill the form for detailed information.


Our pastt performance is not an indicator of our future performance. Your incomes can cary acording to broker spreads. Forex investment can cause important losses and can be unsuitable for some investors.


Signal4X is neither a company which Works as an subcontractor nor a partner of an other company. Signal4X is an independent company which aims to evaluate the income rates of its clients

Our main goal is to serve you with our healty investment services and take place near you for risk management. Not only generate buying and selling signals, and also make you have full basic and technical knowledge of the market.

In Turkey, Forex market is more convenient for development compared to other developed countries. In this context, the reason of the Signal4X embraces as a mission, helping our citizens to make more healty transactions and become more equipped, is the reality of foreign currency inflow to our country as a result of your earnings.

As a team, our area of specialization and accumulation of knowledge over our years of experiences besides Forex Markets, is updating strategies about these markets, improving them and developing new strategies considering the fractal structure of the market.

Our investment experts who will inform you are working based on the principal of win-win. The investor must earn money so the parties can take forward their contract of services.

In accordance with this purposes and our mission, our all work is giving you proffesional services. Instead of making a temporary contracts like other signal serving companies, we aim to work with long term contracts. Instead of making utopic promises, we prefer to take firm steps forward and serving suitable to the natüre of the market.

In the name of all Signal4X family, we thank you for choosing us.


Signal Sending Details

The signals are being send to the GSM numbers and e-mail adresses given by the client.

Our signal services via SMS and email are free of charge.

You do not need to install any aplication or any software to receive these signals.

You can make transaction based on our signals and not to make eny further analysis.

SL/TP updates are being send to clients via SMS and E-MAIL acording to market conditions.

The SL/TP levels can be updated by our analysis experts’ observations during the day acording to the market conditions.

The LOT amounts, used in the transactions based on our signals, are with the clients own initiative.

We are also providing Money management service.

We have a strong SMS system working with all the GSM operators.

Some of our clients may have trouble with receiving SMS because of some GSM operators may apply filters. We are providing Technical Support to our clients who are having trouble with receiving SMS.


What is forex?

FX or Foreign Exchange, is the world’s largest financial market. FX is the exchange of one currency for another. The Forex market is open 24 hours a day, from Sunday through Friday, and nearly £3 trillion worth of currencies are traded each day. .


Forex nedir

What is the Forex Signals?

Signal4X in other meaning "proposes of buy-sell" is a synthesis of the decisions about what can be bought and sold on the market the right products at the right time and consolidated mathematical, technical and key economic indicators. Briefly summarized known as the signal.


What is forex?


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Signal4X Analysis

You can do smarter invesments in the market by using the different analysises of Signal4X.

  • Daily Analysis
  • Weekly Analysis
  • Economic Calendar
  • Conference and VIP Training

Daily Analysis

Daily Analysis; professional inference about market direction which is decided by combining tracking the growing data of economic (basic), technical (mathematical) and each growing political conjuncture. In general, it is the process of determining the direction of a commodity or index product. As Signal4X, our units on the matter use this information carefully in the signal generation phase in accordance with the collective efforts. You can track data from Daily Analysis tab.

Weekly Analysis

Weekly Analysis; analyze the bigger picture of the economic, technical and political data which happened during the week. It is the synthesis of the daily analyses. It can be described as the result of the studies about combining a puzzle board and what will be the next move. It is also the study of the begining week's market direction values and possible developments. As Signal4X, we carefully analyze the weekly analysis on our studies and we share these studies on our weekly analysis tab.

Economic Calendar

Economic Calendar; all are economic datas which were published during the week as per countries. This economic datas are used to evaluate the economic performance of the country. For example: Germany Unemployment Rate or the United States Non-Farm Employment. We can examine the market which we define as leading indicators in economic data, in two part; one is affects the data directly and second is successor data which is also links of the chain data. This data is especially monitored at the stage of production of the signal and the time of the announcement of this data are considered while signal outputs takes place. You can reach all this datas up to date and instantly on Economic Calendar tab.

Conference and VIP Training

For you to be qualified investors who can invest consciously, Basic Tech's trainings about the market are very important and essential in Cyprus and Turkey as same as in the developed countries, not only provide sinyal services in Forex markets. For the members who need, we will be sharing too many methods as Scalping, Trend Trading, Formasyonel Trading in our training which consists of 5 levels and 5 sessions. We offer you with the services of our expert in two ways as Web conferencing and VIP.


As Signal4X, in our special prepared platform, you can follow world markets and also watch the live broadcast by Web Tv, Sinyal Performance, Economic Calendar, Daily and Weekly Analysis, Strategies and you can follow the assessment we make with the experts, you can improve yourself about all development of the economy and especially of Forex Markets and you can update your information. We will be in front of you with our publication will take place in the light of interviews with the well-known the names of the markets and evaluations on market. Our past performance is not indicative of future performance. Actual earnings may vary depending on the broker's spreads. Forex trading can lead to significant losses and it may not be suitable for all investors

Web Platform

Desktop Platform

Mobil Platform

Other Applications


Please fill out the form below and one of our representatives will contact you within 24 hours.